play some didge

August 30, 2007

I’m still wondering.

What will my life be like
when I stop?

the hustle hustle hustle
the cry cry cry
and the cry and the hustle
and the tears and the beg and the cry
and the goddamn hustle that never ends?

That is what I do.
You have No Fucking Idea.

I’m a lawyer in the least sense
but an advocate in the most sense
Maybe you’re lucky.
Don’t you have the tears and the beg and the cry that follow
your waking
into your sleep?

If I keep doing this,
I could technically play that goddamn song on a loop
for the rest of my goddamned life.

Hustle and Cry.  Cry and Hustle. 

I try to get out and then I hear children’s voices. 
Inside and out…side of me. 

The next song.

“I Like Fish and Mango Pickle”

Tell your Dude. 

(your dude might be playing hard 
her drums in the basement
she will surely tell the mama
the mama who is making whatnot and emily-salad upstairs.)

That is crazy future talk.  But goddamnit –
  their Dude will have a basement
(with egg-crate siding or whatever)
to play her drums every goddamn day.  Those kids
will not live in a place that their Dude
  does not have that kind of space.

Their Dude will play her drums freely. 
  And those kids with their mama and their Dude?
(Fuck you)

They will play freely. 


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