on 9/11/2001

September 11, 2007

#53 | Monday, September 17th 2001

I was standing outside of the Family Court in Queens, NY. Other students in my law school class and I were waiting for our professors to arrive and lead us on a tour of the Court. A man ran down the steps proclaiming, “They just bombed the World Trade Center! They smashed right into it!” He looked wildly at everyone standing on the steps.

Mothers trying to calm their children and smoke cigarettes before their court appearances did not appear to welcome this “crazy” man’s exclamations.  I immediately dialed (my girlfriend at the time who was at my house watching TV and then ) the number of a former supervisor who I knew to work in Building Seven of the WTC (later collapsing as well).

I got no answer.

Suddenly, other students began to dial the phone numbers of friends and family and lovers who worked in the buildings or the area. My professors arrived and seemed disappointed that the class would not see the court on a “normal” day. They lead us to the metal detectors (customary procedure) and within two minutes, we were told that no courts would be in session.Soon after, a police officer in riot gear addressed the waiting room:

“Attention everyone! We are now evacuating the court house. Everybody move!”So, we did.

(I got on the Q54 bus with no problem and arrived at my apartment in 10 minutes.  My girlfriend and I, seeing we had no TV reception any longer – went to Yer Man’s, our corner bar to watch their cable and drink beer about it.)

Law school classes did not resume normally until about a week later.

—–fishes——- | 24 | New York

originally posted on 9/17/01:


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