hey, listen to this

December 14, 2007

Each year I spend an inordinate amount of time putting together my holiday CD.

First, I have to find the songs that I want and then put them together into a playlist.   I try to select songs that are new/interesting/odd that somehow come together loosely within a theme.  I’m not always happy with everything – but it somehow works out.

(yes, i get tired of hearing it over and over, but i’m excited to hear someone else playing it.)

This requires me to listen and listen and listen over and over and over to the songs – in a list – and rearrange and rearrange and rearrange that list until they have some coherent flow.

It takes forever and a day.

Then I make sure I have everyone’s address.  People move all sorts of places and I don’t always know about it.  If he/she got a CD last year, I will probably send one to him/her this year – but I have to get the right address.  And of course, over a new year, I meet/dig/de-dig various folks and they do/don’t get a cd mailed to them.  I send out messages via email and MySpace and Facebook and such to make sure.

When I have a final playlist, I make sure I have enough blank CDs and labels and cd envelopes and mailing envelopes and mailing lablels and printer ink.

Then I create the CD label which involves fitting the song list and the image or design for that year.  When I finalize that, I print out the number I need and set them aside.  Then I burn the CDs over the next few days – b/c it takes forever.

Then I sit at the table and apply the labels to the CDs and then put them in the CD envelopes.  Next, I put them in mailing envelopes which I lick closed.  I have to make sure that I have good tape to seal them next.

I print out the mailing labels and stick them on each one.  And then I go to the post office and either throw them all down for postage or just figure out how much each needs – and buy that in stamps.  If I buy the stamps, I stick stamps to each one.

Then I throw them in for mailing!

I started this in 2004.  A woman named Seren that Angela knows from NEW had sent a cd one holiday season when she had no money.  Getting music that someone had picked out – that I hadn’t known before was very exciting.  So I decided to do it that year.   It was so much fun and I think people really liked it.  So, I did it again in 2005 and again in 2006 and now – 2007 – I have 79 CDs I’m sending out.

Nikkie says I should collect donations or postage.   I hear that – but I also know that I like that I’m sending it out as a gift.  That I share some part of me – through the songs I select and ther order I put them in – and how everyone I send the CD to has to listen to those songs in that order.

My momma says I’m just like my father that way – he just didn’t have this technology when he was making mixed tapes for folks back then.  Or when he was even younger and put a record on and said, “hey, listen to this…”

She’s probably right.


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