grenadine! (and jameson)

January 27, 2008

grenadine! (and jameson)

I have always had a penchant for “old things.”  From my thrift store addiction to my current ebay problem.

I was in the grocery store and saw that they have started carrying angostura bitters and grenadine.  Grenadine!  I don’t have much love of bitters (yet), but I thought the bottle of grenadine (with that lovely old-fashioned label) was too much to pass up.

When I got home, I laid my eyes on the unopened bottle of Jameson that Hrair brought for my birthday, opened it up and made this.

Fill a short glass with ice and add:

1 oz Jameson
1 TB grenadine
fill with orange/pineapple juice  (I had the mix)

Pour the small glass into a big glass and then back into the small glass.
Drink with a straw.



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