Black Wattle

February 10, 2008

So I ventured out in this bizarre weather (17 degrees, feels like 0?  Jeebus. Thanksfully I somehow managed to get a parking spot in front of my building, which is challenging on Sunday night due to a variety of boring parking rules that converge – blah blah blah.)

The reason I went out this evening was to visit the mediocre, yet fulfilling Walbaum’s grocery.  I usually prefer the giant Pathmark, or the ecclectic Trade Fair or even the spacious Met.  I also discovered the joy of Trader Joe’s – which finally blessed my borough with a store.  The Walbaum’s carries my new favorite beer however, and they also have pretty much everything else we need.  Oh yeah – and they also have a large parking lot.

The beer selection at the Walbum’s, a store which is otherwise mediocre and a bit on the dirty side – is quite astounding.


One Response to “Black Wattle”

  1. cole Says:

    Your tofu looks yum! We like it crispy fried here too.

    I like, as a vegan dish, you use silken tofu for the creamy cheesy like stuff for the ricotta sub and you can use vegan cheese and nutritional yeast for the topping instead of mozzeralla. You can add yummy sides like breaded eggplant for a non-parm eggplant parm thingy.

    Good luck with your diet changes.

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