Vegan Weekend + Monday Music

February 26, 2008

in the vegan: 

Last night I made some excellent tofu  from Isa’s VEGANOMICON – we had tangerines in the house!  My Tangerine Baked Tofu almost looked this good:

tangerine baked tofu

Yeah, right.  But I also roasted some sweet potatoes and steamed some green beans.  Nikkie had two helpings and I don’t think she even added any hot sauce!

I am well on my way towards my vegan month.  (Watch out March!)

Nikkie was a former vegan, but has a current love of BEEF STEW.  During Vegan March – she will either get NO BEEF STEW or she just might get Isa’s vegan CHOLENT:

vegan cholent

(No – I am no Jewish, but if you know me in real life – you get it…)

 in the music:

Many months ago I was lucky enough to go to a Deli Party and see The Big Sleep  (and other bands).  I was fucking blown away by what I heard.  Amazing guitar, serious drums and – as an added bonus, an Indian woman plays bass.  And she plays HUGE, fucking awesome bass.  

The songs I heard that night back in 2007 were from Big Sleep’s first album, Son of a Tiger.  I highly recommend both that album and EMUSIC in general.  Just tonight, from Emusic, I just picked up The Big Sleep’s new piece- Sleep Forever.  You will not be disappointed!

Sleep Forever

Tonight I also discovered Black Mountain.  Specifically, the album In the Future.  This was  a completely random discovery and I am so happy for it.  Those that really like the rock in indie rock and perhaps perchance have a penchant for the music their daddies or older brothers held dear – pick this up now.

(Bright Lights is a bit long for most, but highly enjoyable for just enough.)

 In The Future!


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