April 8, 2008

The rockstar and I have been giving it a lot of thought over the last few months.

We used to just fantasize about how they’d look (though that is a lot of fun), but now we do that and also imagine how one or two might fit into our lives.  You see – we’d have to plan them given that we are two women and don’t see any man-sex in either of our futures to produce any accidental babies.

We talk about the various options from time to time – from whom? how? when? – and sometimes I envy those hetero folks who just “whoops, we made a baby” even when it isn’t planned.  Why?  Quite honestly – given the line of work I’m in and the dead-end job she has… It would be hard as hell to justify at this point.

Maybe we will move back to Baltimore one day and see this out – until then, I guess I’m hoping I get knocked up from lady-sex.  Ha!

But really – I’m not holding my breath.  But I do see us with a backyard in Staten Island or somesh*t – and there’s some wild basil (and/or flowers) growing between the legs of some wild-haired child lucky to get us as co-parents.


One Response to “children”

  1. cole Says:


    Living in Ptown for so long (husband is from there…) and seeing so many lovely friends in love and having to do go to such ridiculous and expensive lengths to get a baby. It sucks. it makes no sense that any two people who love each other can’t just make a person if they want. It is just ridiculous that you make people by having sex anyway…why is so confined to just a guy and woman? Makes no sense to me at all.

    AND you wouldn’t make good co-parents…you would just be two terrific moms and I hope it happens for you all if you want it.


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