best week ever

April 22, 2008

OK – so I moved to New York in 1999 and I never see any celebrities.  This is mostly because I live in Queens and even though I get to “the city” on occasion, I rarely find myself in places that celebrities would be.

(Alright, once while weaving drunkenly through the East Village, I did run into Parker Posey. Yes, she looked a bit worn, but still hot in her way…)

Now that I work and live in Queens, I never, ever run into anybody famous.  Like, never!

Tonight though, I was having some pints in my favorite bar in Long Island City with my most favorite intern and we saw one of my favorite “heads” from VH1’s Best Week Ever:  Christian FinneganHe sat alone, wearing a bright red polo-type shirt, sipping a pint of beer.

No, not Lindsay Lohan-famous, but recognizable just the same.  Well, at least to me – who actually got cable TV just so I could watch Best Week Ever! 

(Yeah, I know, kinda lame, but I maintain that BWE is the best thing about cable TV that exisits.)

No, I did not bother him at all.  We didn’t approach him for any reason, but silently made sad faces when we realized he was gone…



One Response to “best week ever”

  1. cole Says:

    I love NYC for those reasons. People, celebrities are so less guarded there than in LA.

    We were visiting the Guiggenhiem and ran into Andrew MacCarthy twice in the museum and then, like two hours later on the street randomly on West Side. We smiled at each other like, Oh hey, yea you again. Secretly I think he was greatful I didn’t rush up to him for his autograph or picture. Which I totally wanted to because I was SO in love with him in High School and Jr. high. I mean, Sixteen Candles, St. Elmos Fire ( we owned that on video and I think I must have watched it, loving that Demi Moore had small boobs like me.., like a thousand times and that horse movie with Molly Ringwald, oh gosh. I loved him. LOVED him. I thought I would marry him.

    So, to his delight, i am certain, I did not gush about any of that but I wanted to. I did and I think you should have told your celebrity you loved him. They are just people for goshs sake.

    AND hey, I forgot you were in Queens…I was just in Queens. My cousin lives in Astoria.

    Must go to class…

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