gym rat

May 20, 2008

So I somehow managed to get another 2-week free membership from that behmoth gym chain.  I have to say, I love me some gym-going.  Makes me all proud and shit when I go.  I am actually one of those people who gets all smiley when I’m sore in the morning, too.  (That should tell you a lot about me.)

I should really join it for reals.

I used to belong to a painfully local gym back in the KG when I was in law school.  Giving my drinking and law study habits then, I wasn’t too regular about my attendance.  Mostly the drinking, I have to admit.  Last fall, my good friend and I got a freebie and we had a grand ole time going after work.  She moved to Jersey shortly after though, so I dropped the idea of joining.

Given my swelling middle and my positive feelings this week post-gym, I really ought to reconsider being a real member.  The place is a subway ride away, but right on the way home from work.  And really – you get off the subway and it looks you in the eye.  That close, even.

I don’t want to buy new clothes, so it really is a simple choice:  Join the gym or quit drinking beer.

Easy choice, I’d say…


3 Responses to “gym rat”

  1. cocoyea Says:

    The root of all evil: beer or Bally’s.

  2. cole Says:

    hmmm. beer.

    I need to go..the pool locally is about to open AND i am way, way, way toooo fluffy. My youngest is 4+ so I have literally no excuse other than slothitude and frosting. hmmm. frosting. HEY…frosting and beer. That is a good name for a bakery right?

  3. fishes Says:

    The root of all evil: Beer or BELLIES?

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