white voters

May 23, 2008

Full Disclosure:  I voted for Dennis Kucinich. 
(And yes, even after he withdrew.)

(note the laughter in this video)


Now that Dennis is no longer viable…

Back when Hillary had a chance, Nikkie and I were really annoyed that John Stewart was clearly not making fun of both Democratic candidates equally.  He used to make jokes using both – but it was obvious that he was making fun of Hillary but only making fun of the way the media portrayed Obama.  He was never actually making fun of Obama.

After awhile, we got used to it – and then, John really did put out something.  In the states she had won in the south – it was so clear.  They did not want to vote for a black person.


I can’t dispute this and for chrissakes, it was not a surprise at all.  And while West Virginia might be “special,” we knew (as you do,) there are going to be plenty of white folks that just will not vote for a black person. 

Let’s hope that “the many flavors” of white folk actually come through and make sure that The (f’in) Maverick does not win in November.

I was reading a NY Times article and Timothy Egan does have a point:

Clinton, if she really wanted to do something lasting, could ask her supporters why the color of a fellow Democrat’s skin is so important to their vote.

What he misses is that Hillary Clinton, despite her and/or her campaign’s mistakes, has already done something else very lasting.  She ran for President.  

I admit that she, her campaign, her message has been incredibly flawed.  I hate – HATE – a lot of what has come from it – but I hate more the reactionary crap that has revealed the sexist society we live in. 

It makes me more and more sure that this country is not ready for Dennis Kucinich or anybody like him.  (Damn tiny vegan that he is…)


One Response to “white voters”

  1. cocoyea Says:

    It’s sad that Obama and Hillary wouldn’t run together. It’s just completely depressing. I totally walked into this one being too super optimistic.

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