Sweetie, I’m lost in the supermarket…

June 6, 2008

After 8 years without a car, I finally gave in and bought a 2005 Toyota Matrix back in December.   (No, I don’t have kids, but I like to be able to carry stuff in the back!)   

I live in the city and have been used to taking the subway – so I don’t drive it very often.  When I do though – I have to admit, it brings me back to the time when I was a lass in Maryland and gas was 99 cents per gallon and it wasn’t beyond me to drive for no reason.  You know – Spring just hit, the radio blaring, and I’m 17 years old in the mid-90s.  “Bull in the Heather…”

That time is over and as guilty as I feel about having a car – I’m glad I do.  My Toyota Matrix has proven to be incredibly good on gas – so much that I fill her up only once every 3 weeks or so.  I also have family living in a different state who are not near train or bus stations by any means.   Also, my lady’s band was having such a hard time getting their equipment to shows, it was starting to get ludicrous.  (Can you just imagine a black woman trying to wave down a cab who can carry a full drum kit to the lower east side?)

Anyway – I don’t drive very often.  I end up taking the car to work once or twice a week.  Its only about 8 miles and I enjoy it.  I don’t have to stress myself about the parking issue, and I make a trip to the grocery store that has a parking lot.  That’s what I try to do when I drive.

I found myself there yesterday.  My Trader Joe’s paper bags in the shopping cart, I saw a woman staring at me.  She was a middle-aged, white woman wearing an FDNY T-shirt.  Her husband was inspecting the meat and was not looking pleased.   I scooted my cart by them – I was looking for Pita Bread… In addition, I found some lovely red Swiss Chard and beautiful nectarines.   La-la-la.  The produce at this grocery store is not always so stellar, but hey they always have the tofu I like and the nut selection ain’t bad.

I spent way too much time in that grocery store yesterday, but I finally wheeled my way over to the registers.  They had only three open, so the line was long.  I was texting my lady when I saw the FDNY woman come up behind me.

She pointed to a magazine on the rack. Lindsay Lohan?  Brangelina?  No.  “The black one.”

I put my phone in my pocket and paid some attention.  But not too much.

“He thinks he’s going to win.  Like he’s some sort of Robert Kennedy.   He better watch it with all that ‘sweetie stuff.’  I’m not kidding.  I don’t want to vote for that old man.”

Yikes.   I figured out what she was talking about later that night.  The “sweetie” comment that Barack Obama made to a reporter.  But more interestingly, she totally did not strike me as someone who cared.  I had a naive assumption that a middle-aged white woman wearing an FDNY t-shirt who clearly drove to a supermarket in Queens was a Republican.

Likely?  She isn’t a Republican at all, but a Clinton supporter and clearly feeling what I read here:


We all know that I wanted Dennis Kucinich.  I still want him.  I am not an Obama or  Clinton supporter becaue they both deny GLBT folks full rights.   Domestic Partnerships or Civil Unions are NOT going to cut it for me. 

Now that the primaries are over however, I’m not going to vote for McCain.  No fucking way.   I will fall in line and vote Obama.  I know that, but the party needs to make sure that FDNY woman – and those like her – fall in line, too.   I do not like the idea of middle aged women out there voting for McCain just because they have never heard the times John McCain has called a woman “sweetie.” 

We all know he has. 



One Response to “Sweetie, I’m lost in the supermarket…”

  1. Josh Maxwell Says:

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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