Weddings, Funerals and DUI Appearances

June 10, 2008

(Thanks SNORG.)

I decided to be both sarcastic and true this Father’s Day.  I sent this t-shirt to my pop.  He is a man who prior to finding Jesus, owned only one suit.  Said suit was used for weddings, funerals, and DUI appearances.  I’m not kidding.

Despite finding said savior, I’m sure he’ll find this funny and he might even wear it.   He has been known to rock the Far Side t-shirts, too.  My favorite as a lass was the shirt declaring “SAFE SEX” and featured a cartoon of a dog humping a man’s leg.  It was a summer staple in suburban Maryland.

As a child of divorced parents, I have more than just one father, of course. 

I’ve sent my stepfather DVDs of spaghetti westerns and John Wayne.  He and my mother tend to watch reruns of western TV shows every night and watch TV generally – all the time.  I figured they’d enjoy some uninterrupted gunslinging.

This year I’ve also decided to go all out and send a card to my uncle Mark, too.   As my father’s older brother, my uncle has proven to be quite the aged hippie, living with the consequences of a fabulous life in the 60s.  Gout, Hep-C, general fogginess.  As the only person over 40 in my family who didn’t seem to give a shit who I date  (and to keep wearing an earring in his left ear) – I figured it was time to recognize him.

Though presented with JESUS on numerous occasions, my uncle has yet to find Jesus and/or follow him.  As he said so eloquently to my father last summer, “I found all that enlightenment in the late 60s in San Fran.  I’m good.”

Here’s to all the men who still own only one suit:  for Weddings, Funerals and DUI Appearances.

Happy Father’s Day to all!


One Response to “Weddings, Funerals and DUI Appearances”

  1. cocoyea Says:

    I want that t-shirt!

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