gay gay gay! yay!

June 18, 2008








*Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons – California, 2008*

I have my own issues with gay marriage – but I have NO ISSUES at all with this.  So lovely.

See my youthful commentary:

(oh yes – 2000…)

Mature Disclaimer:  Marriage for immigration and/or health care purposes only.

If I had no class-based reason, I agree with my youthful diatribe (see above.)  But now that I’m over 30 and have the above concerns, I’m more than open to taking advantage of it.  I hate that!

Hate it!

I still wish we lived in a society (world) where none of your entitlements and/or benefits were based on who you (fuck) sleep with on a regular basis. 

Fuck the Establishment. 



One Response to “gay gay gay! yay!”

  1. cole Says:

    You know…the whole marriage thing is so weird and fucked up to me, although I am married. I almost think we should just get divorced now that it was easy to buy a house, get a loan, health insurance…blahblahblah.

    The thing that upsets me, in the way that other assholes I am afraid I get lumped with because I am a parcel of them, is that marriage is something to be treasured, revered…and to accept gay marriage is to ruin the sanctity of it.

    Seriously, don’t they think Zsa Zsa , Liz T. and Britney have done a good enough job mucking it all up? What straight person makes marriage look perfect? noone. no. one.

    Maybe it should just be outlawed period. No marriage for anyone. Everyone just their own equal and worthy person. No matter who they fuck.

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