road trip!

June 18, 2008

So the rockstar and I are gonna go south tomorrow. 

We leave sometime in the mid-morning and make it south of mason-dixon line by early afternoon.  We visit my brother, perhaps some friends if we can make it – and likely stay overnight with my momma and stepdad.

That house is sad right now because they had to put down one of their dogs.  Elvis was his name and he was a sweetheart.  He wasn’t very old, but had a cancer that was making his life unbearable.

My momma’s not taking it too well.  I did buy her something, though it’d be hardly called a mourning gift.  Honestly?  It was a box of a new sort of cereal I thought she’d like.  Call me silly or practical or what you will.  I can’t help it. 

I haven’t seen her since Easter.  The rockstar?  Since xmas.  This visit will be quick because we are on our way  – waaay south.  Like Georgia-south.  That’s about as South as the rockstar has ever been (as far as I know) and we are damn excited.

While there, we get to see REM and Modest Mouse and The National.  We are beside ourselves with this impending joy – so much, we are forgetting how much those tickets cost.

Speaking of that, we are also forgetting how much gas costs (and how much the maintenance appointment for my car costs) and we’re just taking off. 

For the rest of the summer?  It’s NYC and Long Island beaches for us.  Specifically Jacob Riis Beach and Long Beach and perhaps a jaunt to Fire Island. 

As for my mother.  I’m glad I’m going to see her.  I’m not so much looking forward to a rural household overtaken by gloom – but I’m hoping for the best.  They do have a swimming pool.



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