workin’ on the weekend

June 29, 2008

So, instead of just going to my office to do work on the weekend as I have done in the past, today I actually get paid for going in on a Saturday.  (see news article:

I was all hemmin’ and hawwin’ about it and then I realized – shortly after 1pm today  – that I was part of history. 

13 kids in detention that, 2 months ago – woulda sat there for the whole f’in weekend.  For the most part – these kids were in for silly things – jumpin’ a bus w/o fare, stealing a cellphone, a school fight, scaring a bypasser.  These are not children who murder, rape and maim.

Nearly all of them were released to family or foster parents today.  I got paid and I got to see kids walk out free.  All of that and I got out of work by 4:30 today.  I’d say it’s more than worth my time and the pay of anybody working for the City.


I sit here now making a long-promised CD for an attorney who used to do my job.  A man very committed to the kids, who just couldn’t wake up one more night at 4am worrying about his 300+ clients and jumped ship.  He told me he had a penchant for bands who were part of the Black Rock Coalition

I figured I’d give him a CD with some great new music.  In fact, at an office party, I drunkenly promised it and have yet to deliver!  I hate that I will have to say – it is “modern” or someshit, but I have to.  TV on the Radio and Apollo Heights isn’t for everyone.  But for a man who counts “Cosmic Slop” as the 2nd best bass line ever…I think he’ll be fine.

I should go to bed soon – but I’ll probably stay up a bit and read some more about some thing I’ve been wondering about.  My so-called research list.  I do that all the time.  It’s OK.  It is.


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