10 Minutes

July 17, 2008








In about a week, the rockstar and I are invited and about to attend a heterosexual wedding.  My cousin is marrying his 5-year girlfriend and this wedding will happen in my homestate.

Said cousin and I have – well, tons of cousins.  As far as I know, I am the only one not allowed to marry.  Oddly, only one of the seven has gotten married and this cousin is the first to have a “real wedding.”  (One of us did get married and she did it w/o fanfare at the court house.) 

This cousin however is very religious.  The rockstar and I are pleasantly surprised that we were even invited.  In fact – when I made clear to his mother (my aunt) that the rockstar (who they have all met before) would be wearing a suit, cousin made sure to call me to tell me it was “OK.”

I do hope it is.

I have to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of marriage.  A good lady (less of a friend due to distance, but very much a comrade due to how amazing she is) is getting married to her lady in DC soon.  Reading her blog, I am a bit more open to the idea.  Probably because they have chosen to do it religously and I respect that sort of thing.

I said it 8 years ago and I still like to say it today:  

I Won’t Marry. 

Unless, of course, the full federal rights of marriage apply to my union.  That’s not because I am necessarily patriotic or traditional.  (If you know me, this would make you chuckle out loud.)

It’s because my girlfriend is from another country.  Something I had not thought of 8 years ago. 

If I (we) were straight, I could solve this problem in the 10 minutes it takes to get to City Hall.  (And the money-fee it takes to apply for a “pink card.”)

What Is a “Fiancé(e)”?
A fiancé(e) is a person who is engaged or contracted to be married. The marriage must be legally possible according to laws of the state in the United States  where the marriage will take place.

(see:  http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/types/types_2994.html)


One Response to “10 Minutes”

  1. Desaray Says:

    First of all, I didnt know you had a “blog” and second of all . . . you had the same dress because we are clearly the same laurelperson.

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