left work early

July 25, 2008

I left work at about 5:45 tonight.  This is unusual for me – usually I’m making phone calls, putting away files or emailing folks until 7 or so.   Tonight I was on a mission though.   Friday, the rockstar and I have two going-away parties to attend.  Both sad, but for people we adore.   Saturday, we leave early to drive south to my cousin’s wedding in my homestate.  So, I left early form work today and got some things accomplished.

I rode the subway for 20 minutes.  Stopping off at New Menka salon, my eyebrows were threaded beautifully for 5 dollars in a salon where everyone was speaking Hindi.  I then stopped at Patel Brothers.  I got 2 big boxes of incense (Shiva and Vishnu), a mango that reminds the rockstar of home, Kuma (or fried dough pieces sprinkles with sugar), and 2 small boxes of candied tamarind.

Afterwards, I walked 4 blocks to get a pedicure where everyone spoke either Korean or Spanish. 

In this hour and a half, not one person spoke English to me and I spent a grand total of $28.  My eyebrows and feet look amazing.  My Spanish is improving.  The rockstar, though processing her demons, was quite pleased with the treats I brought home to her.

She’s looking for new projects.  Listen.


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