i wish everybody was as easy

August 26, 2008

I have spent most of August worrying about moving, packing up, worrying about packing up, moving, worrying about unpacking, and/or unpacking.

Lucky is me who gets to take some days off in August to do these things. (Worrying included.)

Right now I sip on my white wine (courtesy of Cocoyea) and put silly things up on Freecycle.  I highly recommend it.  Not only do you get rid of stuff, you get this nice feeling inside about it.  (Don’t be scared – another woman’s trash is, well… you get it.) 

I spent most of today shopping around for various kitchen appliances (yes, I did get a microwave at Target for 47 bucks and I still need a food processor) and dealing with curtains.  In a pre-war rental building in Queens, that means lot of crappy walls that do not take to my lady-drill or any kind of nail.  Nothing like tension rods.  I love ’em and I wish everybody was as easy. 

I’ve been cooking a bit at my new abode – bigger kitchen and all – but I’ve got some stuff on my list.  (Isa – I’m all over Veganomicon in such a new way).  The kind of stuff that I wanted to make back when I had the tiny kitchen.  Stay tuned.  (and BEWARE Lover!)

If only I had a vegan chef to make my reception dinner…and um, all that other stuff they have! (Yay for them, of course.)


One Response to “i wish everybody was as easy”

  1. Desaray Says:

    You moved!? In with Nikkie?! Clarify 🙂

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