oh, daddy

October 1, 2009

At some point in 1996 or 1997, there was a giant snow storm in suburban Maryland and I was staying with my father in Odenton. My Plymouth Sundance had front-wheel drive, so my dad was driving. I still don’t remember exactly where we were going or why he was in the car with me.

I know we both had somewhere to go and my car had the best traction.

I do remember that a song came on the radio. Probably 98Rock or perhaps DC101. The car was practically inching ahead in the storm – overdrive or whatever – and he starts bobbing his head. He turns up the volume and turns to me with a knowing look…

“Fleetwood Mac or just Stevie Nicks?”

My father loves music and more than he knows, he loves to quiz people. He’s been asking that SAME question to me for years.  Yes, the exact question.  Usually he is putting a record on first though. (What? Your dad doesn’t do that?)

Sitting in the passenger seat of my own car, I remember being struck for a second.  Stevie was singing, but I could not determine the year by the song.  He of course, had decades on me (just 2 or so), so I was at a disadvantage.

I answered wrong. It was a song from Rumours.


Thunder only happens when its raining
Players only love you when theyre playing
Say… women… they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean… youll know

Come on!  I was 20 years old!  It was 1996!

Actually, I talked to my dad for a long time tonight.  We talked about a lot of things and somehow, it came up that he used to ask me that goddamned question all the time.  He said, “You know, the answer was always Fleetwood Mac…”

Laughing, I took a sip of my beer and said, “Well, there’s always Edge of Seventeen, Dad.”

He said, “Well, yeah.  You can’t go wrong with that one.”

I kinda want to invite him to The Night of a Thousand Stevies, but he’d probably just stand there saying, “Fleetwood Mac! Fleetwood Mac!”


2 Responses to “oh, daddy”

  1. blahblahblah Says:

    I miss 99.1 and how cool it was. oh stevie. le sigh.

  2. fishes Says:

    yes, 99.1 was incredibly cool. it moved numbers, right? and isn’t so cool anymore. or are we just getting older? stevie though – still cool.

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