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August 21, 2010

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and I said so…

July 30, 2010

Listen: Coyote Eyes

My hair is getting so long.

I lost my digital calendar so I can’t tell how long it has actually been since I got my last haircut. Seeing that my hair flows further down my back than usual, I imagine it’s been about a year, which is customary. Not to bore you about my hair, but I let it grow until I cannot stand it. (See this entry: Banshee) I figure I should get something done before my brother gets married in September.

My fingernails are also getting long.

I’m not used to this clickety-clack on the keyboard. I find myself clickety-clacking against the refrigerator door while I look for something to eat or drink – a noise I’m not used to. Clickety-clacking when I’m waiting for something. Backspacing when I’m typing something because these pretty lady-nails are in the way.

I’m always painting my toenails but never paying any mind to my fingers. I notice if I keep lacquering them with some off-white/pink/neutral color, they just keep growing. Must be all that calcium. Make the teeth white and strong, too – they say. Oh, an my hair – keeps growing. Must be all that calcium.

Are you listening to Coyote Eyes? They played recently on WHFR (Washington Heights Free Radio) last month. Check it out (clicky on 6/30/10) on Broad Strokes.

You can read about it on Cocoyea‘s blog.

“oh and I said so, and I said so, right…” (Yellow Red)

Watch them play White Sails/Black Flags.

Wanna know when they play live? Follow them on Twitter, perhaps?

Holy Jeebus, this must be my most boring entry ever. You know, except that I’ve made you listen to Coyote Eyes.

oh, daddy

October 1, 2009

At some point in 1996 or 1997, there was a giant snow storm in suburban Maryland and I was staying with my father in Odenton. My Plymouth Sundance had front-wheel drive, so my dad was driving. I still don’t remember exactly where we were going or why he was in the car with me.

I know we both had somewhere to go and my car had the best traction.

I do remember that a song came on the radio. Probably 98Rock or perhaps DC101. The car was practically inching ahead in the storm – overdrive or whatever – and he starts bobbing his head. He turns up the volume and turns to me with a knowing look…

“Fleetwood Mac or just Stevie Nicks?”

My father loves music and more than he knows, he loves to quiz people. He’s been asking that SAME question to me for years.  Yes, the exact question.  Usually he is putting a record on first though. (What? Your dad doesn’t do that?)

Sitting in the passenger seat of my own car, I remember being struck for a second.  Stevie was singing, but I could not determine the year by the song.  He of course, had decades on me (just 2 or so), so I was at a disadvantage.

I answered wrong. It was a song from Rumours.


Thunder only happens when its raining
Players only love you when theyre playing
Say… women… they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean… youll know

Come on!  I was 20 years old!  It was 1996!

Actually, I talked to my dad for a long time tonight.  We talked about a lot of things and somehow, it came up that he used to ask me that goddamned question all the time.  He said, “You know, the answer was always Fleetwood Mac…”

Laughing, I took a sip of my beer and said, “Well, there’s always Edge of Seventeen, Dad.”

He said, “Well, yeah.  You can’t go wrong with that one.”

I kinda want to invite him to The Night of a Thousand Stevies, but he’d probably just stand there saying, “Fleetwood Mac! Fleetwood Mac!”


September 13, 2009

My hair is getting entirely too long.  It’s at that point where if I’m lying around in bed, it gets caught in my armpit.  I have somehow decided that a woman over 30 should not have hair on her head that gets caught in her armpits.  

She just shouldn’t. 

There is always a caveat. I mean, unless she is a fucking amazing hippie woman who doesn’t give a shit, an actress or rockstar or banshee or what-have-you, cavewoman hair is not acceptable. But I am none of these things – urges to become “fucking amazing hippie woman” when I give birth squatting like a a native woman aside…

I need a goddman haircut. 

Given my tendancies to worry about things like face-shape and general laziness, I am tempted to just shave my whole head.  I’ve been told I’m pretty, so maybe it might creat a GI Jane sort of look – and at the very least, a draw for dykes looking for a pretty butch over 5’7″.  (Or dudes who like that sort of thing…you never know, right?)

In addition to my armpit rule, I also know that short hair is not so flattering to the thicker gal.  Over the last few years, I’ve put on a few more pounds than I like to admit.  It’s not all bad, I mean, I have bigger boobs and have mantained a smooth complexion.  I just wish I could chop all this fucking hair off and not take 15 minutes to dry it after every shower.  I can’t though – given my rules – and I know that cavewoman hair looks better than a bob on this “frame.”

Perhaps I’ll go with bangs.  Maybe it’ll give me a Bettie Page mystique.  She wasn’t a size 6 or anything, right?

Most likely though, I’ll just get a trim and act like it was wonderful and wait for it to grow out into the cavewoman/amazing hippie woman who doesn’t give a shit stage.

That’s just the kind of woman I want to be. A banshee, OK?

workin’ on the weekend

June 29, 2008

So, instead of just going to my office to do work on the weekend as I have done in the past, today I actually get paid for going in on a Saturday.  (see news article:

I was all hemmin’ and hawwin’ about it and then I realized – shortly after 1pm today  – that I was part of history. 

13 kids in detention that, 2 months ago – woulda sat there for the whole f’in weekend.  For the most part – these kids were in for silly things – jumpin’ a bus w/o fare, stealing a cellphone, a school fight, scaring a bypasser.  These are not children who murder, rape and maim.

Nearly all of them were released to family or foster parents today.  I got paid and I got to see kids walk out free.  All of that and I got out of work by 4:30 today.  I’d say it’s more than worth my time and the pay of anybody working for the City.


I sit here now making a long-promised CD for an attorney who used to do my job.  A man very committed to the kids, who just couldn’t wake up one more night at 4am worrying about his 300+ clients and jumped ship.  He told me he had a penchant for bands who were part of the Black Rock Coalition

I figured I’d give him a CD with some great new music.  In fact, at an office party, I drunkenly promised it and have yet to deliver!  I hate that I will have to say – it is “modern” or someshit, but I have to.  TV on the Radio and Apollo Heights isn’t for everyone.  But for a man who counts “Cosmic Slop” as the 2nd best bass line ever…I think he’ll be fine.

I should go to bed soon – but I’ll probably stay up a bit and read some more about some thing I’ve been wondering about.  My so-called research list.  I do that all the time.  It’s OK.  It is.

it all comes together

April 26, 2008

kevin trowel









Living my life in this technological world, I keep “running into” folks that I knew in my former lives.  And I think we all have many levels of former lives.   Mine have been – high school, college, law school, and my current legal employer.

People from some of those lives intersect naturally.  I see folks in court that I knew in Law School.  I go back to Maryland and see classmates from college.  But high school?  I never imagine that I’ll see anybody from there because I live in an entirely different state.

Lately I have re-discovered some great folks from high school that either live in NYC now and/or have gone to law school.  The best part?  None of these people are who I thought would be here in New York and/or would have gone to law school.

They would think – I imagine – the same about me!

Example:  the guitarist in The Fuses is clerking in NJ.   Who’d have thought?

There is some part of me that is glad that someone like me actually went to law school too!  There is also some part of me who wonders WTF is going on when an awsesome Baltimore band breaks up because one guy (the one I know from high school) goes off to school?

But somehow I get it.  Probably only because I was the type who nobody thought would do this – and when I see the others do it – I just put my hands together in supportive applause.

(But I still think a band that was the Best Rock Band of Baltimore in 2000 should still be playing!  Even if it was in the year 2000.) I hope they are. In some way.


Vegan Weekend + Monday Music

February 26, 2008

in the vegan: 

Last night I made some excellent tofu  from Isa’s VEGANOMICON – we had tangerines in the house!  My Tangerine Baked Tofu almost looked this good:

tangerine baked tofu

Yeah, right.  But I also roasted some sweet potatoes and steamed some green beans.  Nikkie had two helpings and I don’t think she even added any hot sauce!

I am well on my way towards my vegan month.  (Watch out March!)

Nikkie was a former vegan, but has a current love of BEEF STEW.  During Vegan March – she will either get NO BEEF STEW or she just might get Isa’s vegan CHOLENT:

vegan cholent

(No – I am no Jewish, but if you know me in real life – you get it…)

 in the music:

Many months ago I was lucky enough to go to a Deli Party and see The Big Sleep  (and other bands).  I was fucking blown away by what I heard.  Amazing guitar, serious drums and – as an added bonus, an Indian woman plays bass.  And she plays HUGE, fucking awesome bass.  

The songs I heard that night back in 2007 were from Big Sleep’s first album, Son of a Tiger.  I highly recommend both that album and EMUSIC in general.  Just tonight, from Emusic, I just picked up The Big Sleep’s new piece- Sleep Forever.  You will not be disappointed!

Sleep Forever

Tonight I also discovered Black Mountain.  Specifically, the album In the Future.  This was  a completely random discovery and I am so happy for it.  Those that really like the rock in indie rock and perhaps perchance have a penchant for the music their daddies or older brothers held dear – pick this up now.

(Bright Lights is a bit long for most, but highly enjoyable for just enough.)

 In The Future!