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October 23, 2008

Tonight I found myself searching and reading internet blah-blah-blah about Republicans and/or Christians who are voting for Obama.  I was intrigued to learn a new term called Kingdom Issues.  Pastor Tony indicates that Kingdom Issues are Abortion and Homosexuality. 

Growing up born-again Christian, I hadn’t heard this term and I am intrigued by it.  (I also grew up with a Pastor Tony, so I was drawn to reading the 400+ comments on his blog.)   He wanted to hear why Christians would be voting for Obama/Biden and he got tons of replies.  Many folks wrote in who were Pro-Life and likely anti-gay (hard to tell, Abortion was the top issue) yet prioritized the deaths from war, suffering/death from poverty and human error in the application of the death penalty.

To me, this was incredibly fascinating.  Especially good was that Pastor Tony continued to respond to folks who commented.  That is how the term, Kingdom Issues came up.

I did a cursory google-search on the term and came up with very little except blog entries and the expected references to The United Kingdom:  Issues.

Why are Abortion and Homosexuality deemed “Kingdom Issues?”  Many responders on Pastor Tony’s blog proffered that it was due to the Religious Right’s rhetoric.  Some folks actually pointed out that increased relief to poverty will decrease the abortion rate.  That was not something I expected to read at that blog. 

Interestingly, the Death Penalty was treated as biblically sound, yet all the other bizarre mandates (one woman points to scripture about women covering their heads) were ignored by the Pastor.

The variety of Christian voices on that blog was refreshing.  Certainly, some of the comments were offensive, but it was fascinating to read.  As much as I cringe sometimes, I am still very pleased that I had that experience as a young child.  That I held a pro-life banner at a rally, that I openly stated disgust for LGBT folks at youth group meetings, and that I was taught to view non-Christians as a threat to my own security.

If I hadn’t done all of those things, I may never have had the drive to seek the knowledge I have now.  The knowledge that civil rights extend beyond outdated arguments about slavery being a one-issue election issue, that women’s bodies are their own, and that in general, people have the right to self-determination and the freedom to believe OR NOT believe in a god.

Particulary – that the government has not right to interfere with any of that.