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June 13, 2010

I’m thinking about buying a Kindle.  The crap (I mean, news) I carry with me  (NYTimes, New Yorker) takes up so much space in ma’ bag! Does anyone out there have a Kindle and wanna share?  I’ve read the reviews over and over – and I’m  a $100 giftcard closer to getting one.

A (younger, read: more hip) friend at work bought her mother a Sony Reader because it allows her mom to borrow books from the library.   As much I’d want to – I don’t read many books these days because of all the news I have coming in.  But maybe I would read more books if it were so easy to borrow-by-download?

I’ve read about all the E-readers.  Help?

(This choice worries me because in addition to my mainstream reading habits, I also like Bitch and Bust and other more independent publications.   My choice in E-reader would be swayed by the availability of stuff like that, too.)

Thanks for your help.