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and I said so…

July 30, 2010

Listen: Coyote Eyes

My hair is getting so long.

I lost my digital calendar so I can’t tell how long it has actually been since I got my last haircut. Seeing that my hair flows further down my back than usual, I imagine it’s been about a year, which is customary. Not to bore you about my hair, but I let it grow until I cannot stand it. (See this entry: Banshee) I figure I should get something done before my brother gets married in September.

My fingernails are also getting long.

I’m not used to this clickety-clack on the keyboard. I find myself clickety-clacking against the refrigerator door while I look for something to eat or drink – a noise I’m not used to. Clickety-clacking when I’m waiting for something. Backspacing when I’m typing something because these pretty lady-nails are in the way.

I’m always painting my toenails but never paying any mind to my fingers. I notice if I keep lacquering them with some off-white/pink/neutral color, they just keep growing. Must be all that calcium. Make the teeth white and strong, too – they say. Oh, an my hair – keeps growing. Must be all that calcium.

Are you listening to Coyote Eyes? They played recently on WHFR (Washington Heights Free Radio) last month. Check it out (clicky on 6/30/10) on Broad Strokes.

You can read about it on Cocoyea‘s blog.

“oh and I said so, and I said so, right…” (Yellow Red)

Watch them play White Sails/Black Flags.

Wanna know when they play live? Follow them on Twitter, perhaps?

Holy Jeebus, this must be my most boring entry ever. You know, except that I’ve made you listen to Coyote Eyes.



September 13, 2009

My hair is getting entirely too long.  It’s at that point where if I’m lying around in bed, it gets caught in my armpit.  I have somehow decided that a woman over 30 should not have hair on her head that gets caught in her armpits.  

She just shouldn’t. 

There is always a caveat. I mean, unless she is a fucking amazing hippie woman who doesn’t give a shit, an actress or rockstar or banshee or what-have-you, cavewoman hair is not acceptable. But I am none of these things – urges to become “fucking amazing hippie woman” when I give birth squatting like a a native woman aside…

I need a goddman haircut. 

Given my tendancies to worry about things like face-shape and general laziness, I am tempted to just shave my whole head.  I’ve been told I’m pretty, so maybe it might creat a GI Jane sort of look – and at the very least, a draw for dykes looking for a pretty butch over 5’7″.  (Or dudes who like that sort of thing…you never know, right?)

In addition to my armpit rule, I also know that short hair is not so flattering to the thicker gal.  Over the last few years, I’ve put on a few more pounds than I like to admit.  It’s not all bad, I mean, I have bigger boobs and have mantained a smooth complexion.  I just wish I could chop all this fucking hair off and not take 15 minutes to dry it after every shower.  I can’t though – given my rules – and I know that cavewoman hair looks better than a bob on this “frame.”

Perhaps I’ll go with bangs.  Maybe it’ll give me a Bettie Page mystique.  She wasn’t a size 6 or anything, right?

Most likely though, I’ll just get a trim and act like it was wonderful and wait for it to grow out into the cavewoman/amazing hippie woman who doesn’t give a shit stage.

That’s just the kind of woman I want to be. A banshee, OK?